Avon Bubble Bath, A Multi-Tasker

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Happy 2015. Hope you’re ready to get started again, because I sure am. Sorting through files during my Christmas break I found one with notes about products that start out with one use, then end up with many more. I thought it would be fun to share some of these and decided to start of with Avon Bubble Bath.  

Avon Bubble Bath

Source: Avon.ca –  Avon Bubble Bath

Naturally the original use for Avon Bubble Bath was as a bubble bath. It provided lots of bubbles and left no bathtub ring behind. But then people’s creativity kicked in, resulting in many more uses for this simple product. So here we go:

40 Ways to Use Avon Bubble Bath:

NOTE: Compared to many other cleaners or detergents, Avon Bubble Bath not only costs less, you also use less. For instance, one capful to half a pail of water does a great job cleaning the car or camper.

Avon Bubble Bath In the Bathroom:

Image courtesy of nuttakit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of nuttakit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Use to wash down the tub surround, shower walls and doors;
  2. Leaves bathroom fixtures and mirrors shining;
  3. Cleans the vanity top, cabinets, and ceramic tiles;
  4. Can replace your body wash;
  5. Works as a shampoo;
  6. Good refill for liquid soap, it’s mild on hands (even nicer after adding a few drops of Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil);
  7. Cleans combs and brushes – leaves no residue.


Avon Bubble Bath in the Kitchen:

Avon Bubble Bath

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Wash your appliances with it and leave them sparkling;
  2. Can be used to hand wash dishes (not in the dishwasher);
  3. Mild enough to clean your painted or wood kitchen cabinets;
  4. Cleans the fridge inside and out, even removes odours.



Avon Bubble Bath in the Laundry Room:

Avon Bubble Bath

Image Courtesy of Benjamin Miller, Free Stock Photos.Biz

  1. Use as a laundry detergent and you no longer need a fabric softener. 1 or 2 capfuls are all that’s needed to do a great job and to remove stains;
  2. Great for hand-washing delicate items;
  3. Pre-soak heavily soiled laundry, such as greasy work clothes. Easily does away with ring around the collar;
  4. Removes butter or grease from clothes. Pour bubble bath directly on the spot, leave a few minutes, then wash and the spot will be gone;
  5. Cheaper than Woolite –gentle on lingerie.


Avon Bubble Bath in the Living/Dining Room:

Avon Bubble Bath

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Can be used to shampoo carpets, either the whole carpet or just spot cleaning;
  2. Upholstery stains are removed by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath;
  3. Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures;
  4. Use to hand wash the good dinnerware, glassware and silverware.



Avon Bubble Bath Everywhere Else:

Avon Bubble Bath

Image courtesy of Archipoch at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Leaves windows shining;
  2. Washes venetian blinds – leaves no streaks behind;
  3. Polishes all chrome household fixtures;
  4. Cleans the TV screen, computer monitor, etc.  Wipe with a damp cloth dipped in bubble bath and dry with a soft, lint free cloth;
  5. Can be used to wash no-wax floors – use 1 capful with ½ pail of warm water;
  6. Removes wax buildup – use straight from the bottle with a scrub sponge, wipe with a dry cloth;
  7. Does a superior job cleaning ceilings, walls and paneling;
  8. Wash your plant leaves to make them shine. Mix a small amount of the Avon bubble bath with some tepid water. When finished pour the leftover water onto soil as a fertilizer;
  9. Will clean your jewelry (even costume jewelry);
  10. Leaves a fresh, clean smell from room to room . There are a lot of different fragrances – might be fun to try different ones.
  11. Use to clean your eyeglasses;
  12. Mix some bubble bath with an equal amount of water to put it in your potpourri burner;
  13. Adds fun to the children’s wading pool while keeping the pool and children clean;
  14. Shake up, then use the bubbles only on a sponge to clean and freshen vehicle interiors;
  15. Add to cleaning water for cars, aluminum or vinyl siding, campers or trailers – repels dust;
  16. Leaves a protective wax-like coating on cars – water marks wash right off;
  17. Use in the garage to test tires or gas lines for leaks;
  18. To repel snails in the garden – mix equal parts water and bubble bath and spray on flowers. In the vegetable garden, spray only on the surrounding soil, not on any edible plants.
  19. Give your pet a bubble bath.

With all these creative ways to use Avon Bubble Bath, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you, the readers, have more suggestions for how to use this product. If you do, please comment and share.

August 23, 2015 – Add-0n: After reading this post readers have asked me to do a similar post about Avon Skin So Soft. I obliged. For anyone interested please click here: Avon Skin So Soft

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  1. Oh my Goodness!!! Who KNEW???? I’ve never used Avon bubble bath, but it sure looks like I need some! I think I could replace a dozen or more products in my cleaning closet that are single purpose!!! Just curious…who would think to even try these things? It would never occur to me to use bubble bath in the laundry! Love things like this….

    • Hi Jacquie – I don’t know who started the ball rolling but I know I’ve used it as a substitute for Woolite with great success. Aren’t people ingenious? I have to wait for others to think up ideas but then if it saves me money, I jump right on the bandwagon.

  2. Wow, Avon bubble bath is so versatile I can’t help wondering if it’s good to use on our skin? After all cleaning carpets, stain removing and adding a wax-like coat on a car is very different fron cleaning delicate skin,:-) Great post, Lenie!

    • Oh my Catarina, you bring up a whole different angle that I never thought about. I have never heard about any adverse reactions and I have used it when bathing the children when they were small. Now I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

      • That’s an interesting question, isn’t it, Lenie. Most likely some kind of chemical that’s included in stain removers. Love how you have found so many different ways of using a bubble bath. Most people’s skin will handle it but anyone with sensitive skin should probably not use it:-)

        • I am going to find out if anyone with sensitive skin has ever had a problem with it. I’m rather intrigued now.

  3. Wow Lenie. I had no idea of all these uses. What the heck is in it that makes it that versatile? I mean going from bubble baths in the bath to leaving windows shining? That’s hard for me to wrap my head around.


    • Patricia, when I wrote this post I was thinking people would zero in on all its uses. Instead everyone wonders what’s in it. I am going to have to find out just what is in it that sets it apart from other products.

  4. Hello Lenie

    Happy New year and welcome back.

    Great start. Oh my God Avon Bubble Bath seems amazing. I was wondering like Catarina if it is really for body.
    Between I hope Avon company will not read this post otherwise they will tripe the price of their product.
    I believe that it is amazing to have a product with wide range of use. Thank you for share. I have a bottle in my washroom, I will check it’s other magic soon.

    • Hi Andleeb, maybe you can figure out the secret ingredient. This is getting to be so funny, a post about uses becomes a question of what the product is all about. Oh well, things like that do keep life interesting.

  5. Hi Lenie; can’t believe how many uses there are for this product. just wondering how many other products it replaces or how much money people can save by following these suggestions. i also wonder how well it would work for cleaning vynil on bounce houses and other inflatables. i could also see it being used to clean all areas of a food concessions stand. and i wish i had known about this before because back when i was still working a duck pond i would have loved to have been able to keep the pond water clean with a bit of avon bubble bath and then keep the duckies clean too. btw best prize i ever had in my duck pond was ducks. i used to keep retired duckies to give away to kids who didn’t want to turn loose of the duck once they caught it. 🙂 good memories thanks again for sharing, max

    • Hi Max, you had me picturing a pond overflowing with bubbles and the ducks having a great old time. They would have been clean for sure. I’m sure it would have cleaned the bounce houses just fine – it seems to clean everything else. Thanks for sharing your duck story, bet you made a lot of kids happy.

  6. Hi Lenie; the picture of a pond full of bubbles gave me a giggle. and yes i made the kids happy. i also made the parents happy because i didn’t make them choose between the duck or the prize. if a kid wanted the duck i still gave their parents the prize they had coming so they didn’t feel like i was trying to take advantage of them. and one of the biggest headaches in the party rental business is how to get mildew and or silly string off of them. so if we could prove this stuff works on both i could write a post or do a video that would be guaranteed to go viral and make me lots of friends who buy and sell equipment. 😉 thanks, max

    • Ok Max, you are just going to have to buy a bottle of the bubble bath and try it on mildew and silly string – if it works you could become an Avon representative and make a fortune selling to those friends of yours who buy and sell the equipment.

  7. okay lenie; will start looking for someone with a bounce house i can try it out on. and like you say if it works i apply to be an amazon affiliate. thanks, max

    • Correction Max – not Amazon – Avon, there is a difference.

  8. I would never have thought of using Avon Bubble Bath in so many ways. Does this work with all variations of Avon bubble bath? And does it get rid of hard water residue on bathroom tiles? I use vinegar instead of fabric softener, but I may try some of the other uses you’ve listed for Avon Bubble Bath.

    • Hi Donna, I haven’t tried it on bathroom tiles but I bet it would do a great job. If it cleans windows and chrome fixtures, I can’t see why it wouldn’t clean the tiles. I use vinegar too but may have to try the bubble bath for the tub surround.

    • BTW, Donna, I didn’t answer your question. Yes, all the bubble bath works the same way.

  9. Wow when you say multitasker you aren’t kidding! That’s an amazing amount of uses. The one I’m most interested in is the laundry uses. I’ve gotta try that out. Thanks Lenie!

    • The Woolite replacement is what I like best too Susan. And it’s really mild on hands which makes it great for hand laundry.

  10. I am pretty sure I don’t have any Avon Bubble Bath Lenie but never-the-less it was interesting and brought a smile to my morning as I read all the uses 🙂

    • Tim, if it brought a smile then it served a good purpose, right? Have a great rest of the day.

  11. I had no idea Avon bubble bath had so many uses. I know Avon Skin So Soft Is also used as a natural and environmentally safe mosquito repellant.

    • Hi Pat – I do know that Avon Skin So Soft is a great mosquito repellant (I also love it in the Bath, smells like WoW!) I might take a look at some of their other products and see if they are multi-use.

  12. When you look over this list of 40 different ways to use Avon Bubble Bath you see 40 things for which there are specialty products sold. That begs the question of how much difference there can really be between all of the different commercial soap and cleaning products. I feel like there’s one big vat of liquid cleanser and it gets poured into dozens of different bottles with different labels, so you end up with 10 bottles of basically the same thing in your closet.

    • It really does make you wonder, doesn’t it Ken? I actually saw a show on that one time where a certain product was the exact same thing, just bottled and priced differently, and people bought the more expensive bottle thinking it worked better.

  13. Wow, who knew Avon bubble bath had so many uses! I think my favorite is #34, but I’d love to try some of the other ones too. I love products that can be used in different ways, and I’d love to see a whole series of these on your blog!

    • Hi Meredith, that #34 is rather neat, isn’t it but the Woolite substitute has to be the one I like best. I will be doing more of these – I have four more products in my file and with a little research I’m sure I can find more. I just have to make sure they’re inexpensive ones and that may be a bit harder to find.

  14. Lenie, I now know why my kids are the way they are. I’m blaming the secret chemicals in bubble bath. Sure, they are clean but…really wondering what’s in that stuff.

    • Kire, I really don’t know what is in their bubble bath but I do know that Avon is an environmentally responsible company. However, I do believe that if you don’t feel comfortable using a product, then don’t – the choice is yours.

  15. Terrific tip list Lenie. I’ve used Avon products for years and you’re right about how great they are but you have a few things on your list new to me – so yea! Another of my favorite multi-taskers is their Skin-So-Soft bath oil.

    • I love Skin So Soft too and the fragrance is wonderful – makes you feel so feminine. I know some of the other uses for Skin So Soft but I think maybe I’ll check to see if I can find more – making these lists is a lot of fun.

  16. Lenie,
    I didn’t even know Avon still existed! This product does so much, will it do my food shopping?
    I love shoes, make-up, hair and cleaning products. I’ve put the CEO’s children of those companies through college with the money I’ve invested in their products.
    I’m checking this product out. Thank-you for the heads up.

    • Yes Pamela, Avon is still going strong. This really is a pretty neat product and I had a lot of fun putting the list together. I’ll be doing another multi-use product next month.

  17. Hi Lenie

    I never knew that bubble baths could have other uses. I have never used Avon Bubble bath but I am amazed at what it can do. Thanks for sharing this tip. Have a nice week.

  18. Wow. I’ve never heard bubble bath used for so many things! What an impressive list, Lenie! I’ll have to try a few of your suggestions… the next time I get some bubble bath. 😉

    • Hi Lorraine, when you try the bubble bath, you need to make sure it’s Avon. I’m not sure if any other bubble bath would perform the same.

  19. Thank you for the information. I do not have many people that introduce me to Avon products, but reading your blog I might be interested in getting some selected items.

    • Hi William, Avon actually has some pretty good items for men – not that I’m trying to sell you some. I just had fun putting the list together.

  20. Lenie,

    Many moons ago I was introduced to Avon by one of my grandma’s sisters. She bought soaps in huge quantities. I’ve always associated Avon with an older generation, sorry to say. After she passed away I never looked into those product lines again. But now I just might have to!

    Thank you for posting!

    • Alice, that is so funny that you associate Avon with seniors. Isn’t it interesting how connections work? It definitely has never been just for older people. As a teenage I used to buy a cream perfume called Topaz – it came in a small container and was a cream instead of a liquid. I loved it. They stopped making it years ago and I’ve missed it ever since.

  21. Wow! I had no idea that you could do all of this with Avon Bubble Bath. I know a few people who sell Avon. I need to get some an put it to use. Thanks for sharing Lenie!

    • Hi Niekka, Avon bubble bath is a handy product to have around. I really like it for hand laundry. It was just a fun list to put together.

  22. Haha, I totally can’t get the image out of my head of trying to given my dog a bubble bath. I don’t think she would take it very well! And a car wax? Who knew! My mother was an Avon lady when I was a little kid so I remember looking through catalog wishing I could get everything! Thanks for the creative list!

    • Hi Erica, I must admit that giving your dog a bubble bath is rather funny – I know we had a black lab and if I had tried to give him a bubble bath, I’m afraid I would have ended up in the bath. It was fun to go through those catalogs, wasn’t it? So much dreaming….

  23. I must admit, I’m amazed on how you took your time to inform us on 40 used of Avon Bubble Bath.

  24. Wow. Avon bubble bath does it all, huh? I love products that are multi useful too!

    • Isn’t it funny that such a simple product has so many uses. What I find interesting is, who tried it out first? Can you imagine taking good jewelry and dunking it in bubble bath? or even cleaning the inside of the fridge with it. Oh well, wait till you see next month’s product, it has thousands of uses.

  25. Sweet! I’m going to have to check Avon Bubble Bath out. All of the products available for cleaning, etc. really do boggle the mind. How specialized can cleaning products be? And they come in so many bright and shiny colors too. It’s crazy.

    • Jeri, I think we have gotten to the mindset that we need a specialized product for cleaning etc. when we really don’t. I know I use baking soda and vinegar for a lot of my cleaning and use the Avon Bubble Bath for handwashing good sweaters. We can certainly cut way back on the products and the cost.

  26. Wowww Didn’t know Avon Bubble bath was this versatile.
    I am amazed! My neighbour sells Avon products.
    I bet she dosen’t know about it’s versatility. Will forward this link to her.
    Thanks Lenie for this post x

    • It would be fun to hear if your neighbour knows all these uses – would love to hear back from you on that one. My Avon representative was sending a link to my post along with her e-brochure to her customers.

      • Lenie she doesn’t know. She was shocked when I sent her the link to your website! She didn’t know Avon a Bubble Bath was so versatile!

    • Thanks for the response – I really appreciated that. Wonder what she’s going to be doing with the info. Have a wonderful day.

  27. This is pretty crazy how many uses there are for Avon bubble bath. I don’t know how you even figured them all out. It seems like it’s a miracle product. Looking forward to hearing about other products with other uses!

    • Christine, this was a fun post to do looking for all the uses for Avon Bubble bath. Wait till next month when the product I’ll be writing about literally has thousands of uses, all made up by it’s users.

  28. I’m so impressed that Avon bubble bath has so many uses. I’ve used their fragrances but not their bubble bath before and won’t rule it out! Great post to start the year!

    • Bola, I love their fragrances too and since they are an environmentally conscious company I don’t feel bad about using their products. The bubble bath is just a fun product that really is very useful.

  29. I had no idea that stuff was so versatile!!! That’s amazing!!!

    • I think the really amazing thing is how we let ourselves be taken in by the need for specialty products. I know I got rid of many cleaning products that all cost quite a bit and use mostly baking soda and vinegar. I got rid of the Woolite and use the Avon bubble bath at a quarter of the price.

  30. Lenie, what a fun post! Fun, thinking about cleaning things? Yes! I wonder if people set out to find uses or had a cleaning problem and the bubble bath was within easy reach. Can’t wait to see the next product – thousands of uses, you say.

    • Hi Beth – I find it interesting to guess how people come up with uses for things. (I would still like to know who ate the first egg, considering where it came from and how slimy it is). The thousands of uses for the next product were all thought up by its users – I won’t be listing them all, think I’ll stick to the forty.

  31. Good point, Lenie. Who would possibly think that it was a good idea to eat an egg!

  32. I love number 34 and may have to invest in a bottle just to entertain my great niece & nephew! What a fun list to read–I had no idea one product could be this versatile.

    • Hi Rose – yes, #34 will do it for the young ones. This was fun to put together. Imagine the person who first used it for one of the non-traditional purposes. The one that I really find amazing is cleaning your jewelry. Can you imagine dumping good jewelry in bubble bath? Brave soul, whoever it was.

  33. I didn’t know it did all of that. That’s good.

  34. Oh my goodness, that’s incredible!

    And all this time I only thought it was for only useful for taking bubble baths!!

    This, is being saved for sure, thanks!

  35. Lenie — fabulous ideas. A question: do you dilute the bubble bath in cleaning (I see that you do mention that a couple of times) and do you use a different amount of water to dilute the bubble bath depending on the application? I’m rushing right out (or online) to buy some! Thanks for the tips.

    • You do dilute it – usually 1/2 to one capful will do, depending of course on the job and the amount of water used. I think you will have to play around with it a little bit depending on the application but I would start with a small amount first. You can’t buy it in stores, only through Avon sales reps but if you go to the Avon store they will let you know the closest one. (If you’re going to be buying anyway, try their Skin So Soft – it’s a bath oil that makes you feel wonderful.)

  36. I love this! Who knew there were so many uses for bubble bath? I need to book mark this page. Seriously…

  37. If you google 101 uses for AVON Skin so Soft Bath Oil you will be amazed how much that can do too.

    • Hi Peggy, welcome to my blog and thanks for the tip . I love Avon Skin So Soft so maybe sometime down the road I’ll write a post on it. Can’t do it too soon or no one will believe I’m not working for them.