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Consignment ShopsI’ve just discovered Online Consignment Shops and can’t believe it took this long. I love Thrift Store shopping and Consignment Shops are the next best thing. These shops help you clean out – and thus organize – your closets and in turn allow you to find your own great deals on gently-used or overstock items. This isn’t only good for your wallet, this simple green act is also good for the environment.

Online Consignment Shops vary in the kind of products they carry. Some offer high-end designer clothes, some do vintage, some cater to the business women, some to children and others to the family. Unfortunately, men’s consignment shops, unless they’re brick and mortar walk-ins, are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

One of these men’s walk-in stores – Off the Cuff is well worth a visit by any man who is living in the Toronto area. This store has great reviews, a large selection of men’s clothing and accessories, and from all reports, helpful friendly staff.

Online Consignment Shops have their own list of standards, brands and conditions. If you meet their conditions they will supply the shipping bags for free shipping. It’s important to read the fine print as each consignment shop has their own clearly defined list of what they will or won’t accept. They will only accept goods for which there is a demand (makes sense) so leftovers from Walmart and similar places won’t be accepted.


Changeroo  – A High-Quality Canadian Children’s Consigment Shop

This Canadian consignment shop, located in Montreal, was founded in 2014 by Liane Guimond. It carries only like-new children’s clothing – high quality, top brands like Baby Gap, Land’s End, Children’s Place, Jona Michelle, etc. at seriously low prices. The Globe and Mail listed Changeroo as one of Canada’s 10 most remarkable small businesses.

Changeroo is not setup to accept items by mail – instead you need to drop the goods off at specified locations in the Montreal area.

They will, however,  ship items across Canada with free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.  If you have children this is a shop you won’t want to miss. When I checked it out I was very impressed by the cute clothes listed and the great prices.


TrendTrunks is a different kind of Consignment Shop

This is an interesting one – It’s a Canadian shop that acts like a promoter for women’s items, the sale of which you control. The following information is direct from their website:
1. Make more money!  100% of the selling price goes back to you. It’s free to list on OR our mobile app.

2. Get LOTS of inquires!  Thousands of buyers will see your items and also be emailed if your items match their interests. You’ll start to receive messages from interested buyers. Respond promptly to sell your item quickly! You decide how you want to transact; whether you meet in person or ship the item, along with your preferred method of receiving the funds (I recommend PayPal – it’s totally safe and no hassle). The buyer and seller must mutually agree on transaction details.

3. We have the right buyers. Trend Trunk curates listings to ensure the best experience for our buyers and sellers. We attract buyers who will value and appreciate your items. When it’s time to cash in your closet of stylish and fashionable items, Trend Trunk is the best way to sell your brand new to pre-loved clothing & accessories.

Trend Trunk isn’t just a selling place, it also has a listing of shoppes where you can find great deals on new or gently-used items.


About FlipSize Online Consignment Shops – Available in Canada and the USA

Flipsize buys and sells quality new or used children’s clothing to size 12. All items must meet their No Dud Standards and be in either new or like-new condition. If items show any sign of wear, flaws, defects they will not be accepted or returned. Check their site for all the specific details.


About Minitrade Online Consignment Shop – A Canadian Consignment Shop for Women and Children.

Minitrade buys and sells quality used clothing for children up to size 16, women and couture. It is the largest Canadian online consignment shop.

To Buy: All items are one of a kind so no choosing different colours, sizes, etc. Shipping costs are a standard $10.00 per order, with free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more (pre-tax).

To Sell: You can earn 50-80% of the consignment item’s resale price. Like all the other consignment shops they will only accept gently used clothing, cleaned and in excellent repair. There is a charge for every product that doesn’t meet their standard so it’s important to read their FAQ.

About LAB Consignment – A High-End Canadian Shop for women.

LAB is based in Toronto and is the shop to go to when you want something a bit special. It sells luxury and contemporary, pristine-condition, pre-owned, designer shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for women. All merchandise must be clean, pressed, and in excellent wearable/usable condition.  They will not accept uncleaned, unpressed, stained, or otherwise damaged clothing.


My Kids Threads – USA only.

My Kids Threads is a children’s designer consignment shop  offering new and used baby & kids clothes up to 80% off from designer brands Burberry, Catimini & Ralph Lauren.

To Buy: Save up to 80% on new and like-new designer children’s clothes sizes newborn-14. Shop from the convenience of your home with the confidence of their Quality Promise as each item has been individually inspected.

To Sell: Consign your new and like-new baby and kid’s clothing from upscale designer brands at no cost to you with pre-paid shipping and earn up to 50% payout.

I’ve included this one because, although they don’t ship internationally including to Canada at this time, they are looking to expand sometime in the future. This would be an interesting site to check from time to time.


Swap Consignment Shop – USA only.

I’ve also added the Swap Consignment Shop, even though at this time it’s only available in the USA, because it’s the one I most wish was available in Canada. They’re very much like a quality Thrift Store since, besides clothes, they also offer Toys and Games; Baby Gear; Books; Decor; Movies and Music; Sports and Outdoors.

I will be keeping my eye on this one in the hopes it will come to Canada sometime in the near future. In the meantime all you Americans can enjoy what offers its customers:

  • Unbeatable low prices (50-95% off retail)
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Best value for the unneeded items 
  • Huge selection of kids’ items, women’s apparel and maternity wear

“ is the fastest growing online consignment store in the United States. With over 340,000 unique items available from our inventory, we offer the largest selection of pre-owned baby, kid’s, maternity, and women’s apparel and accessories. The service started in January 2013 and operates out of the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois and is the U.S. subsidiary of Netcycler, an international company based in Helsinki, Finland.”


Couture – Designer Resale Boutique – Based in Florida, USA, but will buy from and ship to Canada and other International Destinations.

Couture Boutique is one of the largest designer pre-owned luxury boutiques in the world. They offer top dollar for your designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories. In turn they sell top quality designer products by Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Prada and more. If you’re looking for a ‘once in a lifetime’ gown or that perfect accessory, this is the site to check out. Not only that, but they have a Buy-Back program whereby you may be able to sell the item back to them at 70% of the purchase price. Can’t beat that.

Check out their website to find out exactly what labels they purchase and the designer products for sale. 


If you know of good Online Consignment Shops, especially Men’s, please let me know. Monitoring these Online Consignment Shops is something I’ll continue to do and of course, any good finds I’ll share with you in future posts.

I will definitely go through my closets to see what I no longer need or want and try TrendTrunks first. Can always use a bit of extra money, can’t you?

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  1. Speaking of unneeded items, I wish I could unload the small mountain of textbooks that I accumulated during my college years. Unfortunately, no one seems to want them; I may end up just recycling them if worse comes to worse.

    • Andy, I know what you mean. I have huge number of books – all kinds – half of them that are dated and impossible to give away. Your comment prompted me to do some research and here are two links to information about where to donate used books. Some are for overseas and one specifies Africa.

      I hope this helps. I don’t like destroying books in any way so when Ihave time, I’m going to check these out myself.


  2. I’ve never heard of any of these. Looks like they could be alternatives to eBay if I can’t sell something there.

  3. Didn’t realise these were online but now that I think about there really is no reason why they shouldn’t be. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I love the online consignment shops, but ya’ gotta dig and ask a lot of questions. I’ve found some great deals, brand new items that people forgot to return or they received “two” of something. Here’s site I sent my daughter and she’ loves it, Poshmark

    • Pamela, I agree with you about asking the questions. This is true for all online business though isn’t it. I order from eBay but never do so without checking the seller and same goes with Amazon.
      As for consignment shopping I like the idea of getting better quality for less money – who wouldn’t?
      Thanks for telling me about Poshmark – I’ll be checking it out.

      • Pamela, I just checked out Poshmark and it does look great. I’m trying to figure out how to let my readers know about this and also about Changeroo. Both tips from readers and both worth passing on. Oh well, I’ll think of something. Have a great holiday weekend. 🙂

  5. Hi Lenie,
    What about for like-new children’s clothing? It was named by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Most Remarkable Small Businesses. 🙂

    • Hi Liane – first, congratulations on being featured in the Globe and Mail. That is very impressive as the Globe has a wonderful business section.
      Then I would like to thank you for letting me know about I checked out your site and it is exactly the type of shop I love to promote. I decided to edit my post and include your information so while my original readers won’t get to see it (will have to think how to rectify that) I will be tweeting this several times over the next week, add it to LinkedIn’s Blogging Success Network and list it with several frugal living groups on Google+. After all, we Canadians have to look out for each other, right?
      All the best,

      • Thank you so much, Lenie!

  6. Lenie — I, too, didn’t know about online consignment shops. I love shopping thrift shops and consignment shops. If you’re careful you can get some great buys. Since moving to Florida, I’ve already donated a lot of my winter clothing to Goodwill. But I’ll definitely check out Swap Consignment Shop. Thanks for the tip!

    • I’ll bet you were glad to get rid of those winter clothes huh? While we’re soon heading into the deepfreeze you’ll be sitting on your balcony smiling 🙂
      I like that Swap Consignment Shop and do wish it was here in Canada. It just seems such a practical one.

  7. Great Finds Lenie! Its a great way to get rid of unused items, providing they meet the criteria. I have bought a few things from Ebay but never sold anything on it. Have you heard of Depop Market? i have heard good things about them. Thinking of using it to sell some unused stuff.

    • ChinWe, thanks for the info – I’ve just checked it out and it’s an app for your smartphone. There are similiar ones – some good only in Europe, others in the USA, etc. Will check these out a bit more and maybe write a post on it this winter when it’s horrible outside and people would love to shop from their chair. Really appreciate you sharing this.

  8. More fun ideas. I had no clue these existed out there in the cyber world. I know some friends sell things on Facebook, but it’s not setup like a shop and can really irritate the newsfeed. Great way to get rid of things and add some “new.”

    • Hi Rose – I recently discovered these shops and it makes sense, everything else is on the Internet. Whoever thought up the process though, where they send you a prepaid bag for you to use to send them your items is pretty clever. I just wonder what else I’ll find as I continue my web browsing.

  9. I’ve never been one to shop or use consignment stores. Until a close friend of mine started working at one in our area. It’s truly amazing how people bring in such nice stuff (often with the original price tags still in place!) and are willing to sell it for next to nothing. The Manitoba shops I am referring to are called “Redeemed.” They have one in Winnipeg and one in Gimli and are really worth checking out.

    • Doreen, Thrift Stores and Consignment shops aren’t what they used to be when they were often just dumping grounds for other people’s stuff, no matter the condition, and they always seemed to have a nasty smell. Not so today. They will only take in items that have been cleaned and rightly so. And you’re right about some of them still having the price tags. I have no problem whatsoever buying there.

  10. I have tried consignment shops online but I often sell on Craigslist or eBay. I love the sound of these especially the ones for kids.

    • Hi Krystle, I think the ones for kids are pretty neat – especially the pre-school years when they seem to outgrow clothes on a monthly basis. As for the older ones, being able to access designer duds at 80% would appeal to them – especially if they are the ones to choose the items.

  11. Hi Lenie, consignment stores are so much fun. I had no idea there were consignment store online. I guess I just have not thought to look for them. I’m going to check these out

    • Susan, I’m with you. I just never thought to check them out before and then when I did, I did a little research about how they’ve been received and found the ones I listed to be well thought off.

  12. In a sense eBay is an online consignment shop. But the ones you mentioned above are more targeted while eBay has some of everything. For the reasons you mentioned, I’m not a consignment shop shopper. But I could get interested if there were online consignment shops for things like electronics, tools or furniture.

    • Ken, interesting view. I never really thought about eBay being an online consignment shop but it actually is, isn’t it. I’ve bought stuff on eBay (never had a problem) but never considered checking there for clothes. Am going to do that now that you mention it. As far as the electronics and tools I think you’re looking for an online Habitat for Humanity Restore (wonder if they have such plans?)

  13. I’ve not explored online consignment shops much, but I do browse books occasionally on e-bay. It only makes sense that there is a wealth of such shops to check out, and I should probably give them a go.

    • Jeri, it’s interesting but Ken just pointed out that eBay is actually like an online consignment shop. Never thought of that before. But I do like the online consignment stores and am going to try them out.

  14. I totally have this weird phobia of consignment shops. Clothing feels so intimate to me, and I get really uncomfortable at the idea of buying clothing that used to be work by someone else. I know the high-quality shops only have clothing that is gently worn. I just can’t make myself do it. However, if I had a young child, I would probably look into some of the options you listed since they outgrow their clothing so fast.

    • Hi Erica, that is an unusual phobia but since we all have at least one, I guess you can have that one 🙂 I have no problem buying used clothes – the first thing I do when I get them home is wash them or send them out to the drycleaners. There are limits though – I wouldn’t dream of buying used underwear or sleepwear.

  15. It never occurred to me that you can buy and sell gently used items online. I think it’s a good idea, particularly if sellers are rated, the way they are on Amazon, for example.

    • Hi Michele, with these stores the shops themselves do the sorting and rating. If they have been in business for a couple of years and accept PayPal then I believe you would be quite safe dealing with them. And I would first start building a relationship with them by selling my items. If they deal with that in a professional manner and according to their policies, it seems to me they would do the buying from you the same way.

  16. I have done some of my best shopping in consif=gnemtn shops. AND some of my best selling, too:) When I moved from FL and downsized, moist of furniture went to a consignment shop. I think it’s really a great idea for online…the whole world is moving online! I’m not sure I share Catarina’s concerns, however. I’m sure there is some fraud, but let’s face it, no one would stay in business long by continually ripping people off. THAT is where the internet can become out watchdog! Thanks for the heads up on these Lenie. I will check them out!

    • Hi Jacquie, I agree with you that Catarina’s concerns are overstated. Fraud doesn’t just happen online, it’s all around. You need to check out
      who you’re dealing with and that is actually easier online. The other thing is dealing through PayPal. They are a pretty good watchdog themselves and if they were getting a lot of complaints and/or returns they wouldn’t allow the business to use their service. I personally think it’s a great idea.

  17. It never occurred to me to look for consignment shops online. When my ex-husband and I first separated and I was struggling to make ends meet I sold quite a few things at one of our local shops and it really saved me. This list looks wonderful, but sadly a surprising number of online retailers do not ship to Hawaii – Swap Consignment is one example. 🙁

    • Hi Marquita – that is weird since you’re part of the US they won’t ship there. Alaska is probably in the same position. Here in Canada we are actually in the same position – the American ones won’t ship here and that always ticks me off. Although we do have a couple of good ones here so that helps.

  18. What cool sites. I didn’t realize there were online consignment stores.

    • Hi Donna, I just discovered these online shops and when I read further, I believe they will expand a lot over the next few years. It makes sense from a financial point of view – brick and mortar costs big time and you need to sell a lot of goods to pay for that before you even start making any profit. Plus the many other non-productive expenses. I’m glad I discovered them.

  19. What fun! Too bad they are mostly Canadian! I have lots of friends who just love this kind of thing. I haven’t actually tried it yet – laziness, I fear.

    • Hi Beth, I think these shops are interesting. Actually, the really interesting shops tend to be American but we do have some good ones here. I hate shopping so I think this is a great idea.

  20. Sounds like a great way to get rid of unused items, providing they meet the criteria!

    I have bought a number of items via Ebay but not sold anything as yet. The horror stories I have heard do not help.

    • Hi Phoenicia, I think checking the shops out carefully before you start using them will help keep you safe. There is no business in the world that is going to survive a lot of negative feedback, especially on the Internet. I think it’s a great idea for women but especially for children.

  21. What a great idea, for both buyer and seller! It’s nice to save money and the environment at the same time!

    • Meredith, my thoughts exactly. Plus you don’t have to worry about crowds or snooty salespeople. All sounds good to me.

  22. Hi Lenie,

    Funny enough I just got back from Brick lane in East London where there areally a few vintage stores. Going to these stores always reminds me of years gone by.

    • Bola, that is one area I would love to visit. It’s like you say, those stores remind you of the past and I know I sometimes look for similar items to what I used to wear ‘way back then’. Wonder if those places sell online?

  23. Personally love second hand shops. But there is no way I would buy anything that’s second hand online.

    Not only is there a lot of fraud involved but you could also end up with fake designer goods, an antique that’s not an antique and so forth. Even for used childrens clothes I bet you anything it is frequent that the pictures make the clothes look in better shape than they are.

    Too much of a hassle to sort that kind of things out. Because it will happen just a question of how long it takes.

    • Catarina, I agree with you on the fraud thing and that’s where you have to really do your homework. I think the best approach would be to first sell some of your own products and build up a relationship with the shop – if that works as expected and according to the guidelines they’ve set out, I think you would probably be quite safe buying there. I am definitely going to try it.

      • Selling is easy and safe, Lenie. It’s buying that’s too risky and complicated. Much better to buy anything second hand in real life.

  24. What great finds Lenie! Going to share the kids one with my daughter-in-law. And I’m going to check out that high-end consignment shop you mention. Thanks!

    • Hi Patricia, when I was making this list I was actually a little envious of you Americans. You have so many more choices. When it comes to kids, especially girls, they rarely wear their clothes long enough to wear them out. Recycling them this way is great. And of course, I think most women would like designer clothes – being able to buy them at affordable prices seems like a fantastic deal to me.

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