Earth Day Awareness Leads April Sales

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Earth Day

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Earth Day, which this year falls on April 22, sets the stage for month-long sales of energy-savers and conservation products. This makes it an excellent time to find great bargains on anything ‘environmental’, including garden and landscape items of all kinds.

Look for great savings on:

Earth Day

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Energy Saver Products:

  • Energy Star Appliances: 
    • Air Conditions, Ceiling Fans, Microwave, Refrigerator, Toaster Oven, Washer/Dryer, Water Heater
  • Energy Saver Devices:
    • Power Bars, Night Lights, Thermostats
  • Other Energy Savers:
    • LED lights, Solar Phone/Tablet Chargers, Solar Yard Lights


Earth Day Activities – Conservation:

Many Conservation Groups will be offering trees and plants for sale to promote Earth Day Activities. You may need to pre-order to get the best deals. If you can’t find any Conservation Groups in your area, call your Municipal Office and they should be able to help out.


Earth Day

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Patio, Lawn and Garden:

Clearance of last year’s models which need to go before the new models arrive. This could mean some really great prices for the consumer on:

  • Barbecues and Accessories
  • Lawnmowers and other Garden Equipment
  • Patio Furniture
  • Planters
  • Composters



Earth Day

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Spring Cleaning Supplies:

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Cleaning Supplies – in keeping with Earth Day, look for EcoLogo, Green Seal or EPA Safer Choice or  Make Your Own
  • Paint and Wallpaper, Home Improvement Products
  • Organizing Products



To stay with the environmental theme of the month, April Sales will also include Organic Foods and Soybean Products.

Other Food Items:

  • Eggs and Olive Oil
  • Produce: Asparagus, Broccoli, Rhubarb, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes. Avocado, Citrus Fruit, Kiwi, Lemons, Pineapples.

Earth Day, April 22,  does prompt some really great bargains, but it is also the day when everyone is asked to participate in an ‘Act of Green”.  Let’s celebrate Earth Day – plant a tree, clean a roadside, turn off the lights, or contribute in any other way that matters to you. Make it fun and think of the environmental benefits – totally Win, Win.

Talk to you again next week,


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  1. Great tips on getting sales.
    I always like going out and getting my spring and summer supplies in April, as you mentioned they sometimes are on sale.
    It seems now though, if you do not get them early, they disappear off the self fast.
    Thanks for sharing your post with us.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I plan on doing some type of detox this month. Being able to get my produce for that price will be great!

  3. Hi, Lenie. You mention that citrus fruit can be on sale in April. Just out of curiosity, what are the oranges like in your neck of the woods? All too often, the grocery store oranges in my Southern California hometown have a high pulp/juice ratio and aren’t flavorful at all. Fortunately, minneolas of much better quality are currently in season.

    • Andy, I haven’t bought oranges, other than tangelos, for years. I never stopped to think about why but it is exactly for the reason you mentioned. They were dry to eat. I haven’t tried the minneolas but will look for them next time I’m shopping. Of course here we are 100% dependent on imported citrus fruit so they’re probably picked before they’re ripe which may account for the lack of juice. But you should not have that problem where you live. 🙂

  4. Lenie — today I finally found a store that will accept used batteries. We should all be disposing of our recyclables properly, too. Another energy saver is changing our air conditioner filters on a regular basis. To remind myself, I have the dates on my calendar.

    • Jeannette, here one of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores takes used electronics which is a good idea – people get rid of their hard to dispose items and at the same time get exposure to the ReStore and possibly pick up some bargains there supporting Habitat for Humanity activity. Since we live out in the country people consider our roads dumping grounds and my husband keeps the grass cut along the road in front of our place – both sides – and at the same time picks up garbage – McDonald bags, Tim Horton Cups, Cases of empty beer bottles, etc. Our neighbour to the South does the same thing along the front of his property which extends to the corner.

      • Lenie – it’s so discouraging when people just throw things out the car window or drop a candy wrapper on the sidewalk. Just plain rude aside from defacing the environment.

        • Jeannette, I totally agree with you. Definitely not the kind of people I want as friends.

  5. Thanks for getting me prepared for Earth Day!
    Our electric company usually offers some free things in celebration of Earth Day. One year we got an energy efficient surge protector/extension cords, a few light bulbs and some night lights.
    I’ll do some digging for options this year.

    • Hi Rose. Here the electric company doesn’t do anything like that – it’s the conservation groups that are the most active and they seem to do a lot. Sale or give/away of trees is a big thing. You see school kids all wearing rubber gloves picking up garbage in parks and along roadways or planting trees. I always love seeing that.
      Hope your frugal soul manages to pick up some good freebies again this year.

  6. Great reminder Lenie. Where I live food is n-e-v-e-r on sale. What little is grown here still comes at a premium and because the rest has to be shipped in there’s that factored into the cost. I can always tell when a visitor hits one of our grocery stores for the first time and walks out with a shell-shocked look on their faces. We do have spring eco activities here though, in fact, there’s a year-round program that is sponsored by several of the local Hawaiian organizations focused on reforestation and re-introducing indigenous plants. Thanks for the great information, always appreciated!

    • Marquita, from the little we know about Hawaii, it’s hard to believe that you need reforestation. When we see anything about the Islands it always shows lots of trees, shrubberies and gorgeous flowers. I love the idea of re-introducing indigenous plants – over time there have been to many attempts at introducing new species, which of course never works as well. I really enjoy hearing about life in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Lenie, Every day should be Earth day in my opinion. Wish people would think about it more often. Hoping we have same sales here in US. 🙂

    • Susan, that would be Utopia and we haven’t reached that stage yet. The thing I most appreciate about Earth Day is that is gets school children involved. Kids in kindergarden can tell you what Earth Day and erasing carbon footprints is all about and therein lies our hope for the future. And, let’s face it – more people are becoming involved and aware because of this quiet grass roots activity than from all the loud protests that happen from time to time. Hope you’re able to pick up some good deals too. 🙂

  8. Prior to this, I had never heard of Earth Day. Perhaps it is more popular in the USA.

    I am always meaning to buy a BBQ and nice garden furniture but then you need a large shed to store them in winter months. Our shed is bursting at the seams!

    • Phoenicia, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about Earth Day before because it is a global event and also celebrated in Britain. Any small Act of Green counts – picking up garbage on your way to work, getting a plant (especially an air-purifying plant) for your desk, etc.

  9. Hi Lenie, I live in Victoria on Canada’s very green west coast. Earth Day here tends to be a pretty big deal. Groups of kids and adults clean up river banks, wilderness trails, ocean shorelines, places that (unfortunately) over time accumulate waste.

    A huge event organized by a group called “Creatively United for the Planet” holds a week long festival which, along with other things, “showcases and celebrates” important projects people (including school kids) have created and are engaged in.

    [This is a side comment, Lenie, but just want to mention that the area of the city I live in has both a Green Party MLA–Dr. Andrew Weaver and Canada’s only Green Party MP–Elizabeth May.]

    Thanks once again for an information-packed blog post, Lenie!

    • Hi Ramona, telling you about Earth Day is a little like preaching to the choir, isn’t it? We do similar things here in Ontario – school children clean-up parks and roadways, thousands of trees are planted everywhere, lights are turned off at night, etc. I haven’t really heard about week-long celebrations like you describe but that would be great. I do know that young children, even kindergarden age, talk about the need to erase ‘carbon footprints’. Love that, shows there is hope for the future.
      With having Elizabeth May there along with Andrew Weaver you do have the advantage as far as ‘green-living’ knowledge and action.
      Interesting to hear what you do in your part of Canada. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Solar yard lights sound pretty good. Maybe I’ll go for that on Earth Day.

    • Ken, the best place to buy those solar yard lights is at a Dollar Store. Ours have lasted at least for five years – not only green but very attractive.

  11. Spring time is my favorite time to save on outdoor gardening supplies and plants. We have sales here that start from April 1and go through Earth Day. It’s a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sabrina, this is a really great time to pick up those gardening products, especially if you don’t mind getting last year’s clearance. Earth Day is becoming bigger every year and is great for creating awareness through asking people to participate in their Act of Green.

  12. I have seen asparagus on sale everywhere. I also love pineapple. That is one of my favorite fruits, though we often buy that pre-cut, just because we live in a small apartment and don’t have a full knife set (makes it harder to cut a whole pineapple.) But then I lose any savings from it being on sale. Every once in a while I buy a whole one and cut it. This is probably a great time to do it since they are on sale.

    • Erica, I have never cut a pineapple myself but I can imagine you would need a sharp knife. There isn’t a trick to it like there is to coconuts, is there? I have trouble with mangos- there seems to be such a waste with them, very hard for my frugal soul to take. But I love asparagus and it is on sale right now so time to indulge.

  13. What a great idea for sales you have in Canada. More countries should follow suit.

    • Catarina, it is rather neat. Every month has a number of awareness days which usually prompts sales of some kind. I do like the environmental ones the best though.

  14. Thx for reminding us about Earth Day, Lenie, and the great deals we should be looking for as it approaches. I’ve now found you on Pinterest and am following some of your boards. Happy to share this great post.

    • Hi Doreen, glad you found me on Pinterest. I love that site. One of these times I’m going to spend a whole day reviewing my boards. Also love Earth Day. Such a great time to do something – I like planting something and this year I think it will be a New Dawn Rose – nice climber and very fragrant. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lenie, great list again of sale info. I don’t need anything on the list this time. I will be on the road so will be unable to take advantage of any Earth Day plant sales. But I love your suggestions for “Act of Green” participation. I will think about what I can do even though travelling.

    • Donna, I’m sure you’ll find your ‘Act of Green’ no matter where you are. I’ll think of you on the day and wonder “what is Donna doing now?” LOL. Have fun on your travels.

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