Library Book Sales – $$ For Programs, Great Deals For Us

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This Library was funded in 1907 by an $8,000.00 grant from Andrew Carnegie – known as the Patron Saint of Libraries.


It’s no secret that I love the Library. Besides the obvious pleasure derived from the many books and videos we’ve borrowed, it’s also my ‘go-to’ place for research, training courses and checking community happenings.

October – Library Month in Canada:

October is Library month in Canada with many libraries choosing this time to host book sales to raise funds for programs. These are great sales and I am often one of the first ones there, as much to support the library as to buy books. They always have a large selection from baby’s first book to first-learning books to adult books, and everything in between. Videos, CDs, games and craft items are also available.

All items for sale are donated to or discarded by the Library. Everything is checked by Friends of the Library before being placed for sale so no worries about getting dirty or useless books and products. The items sold are at least as good as those found in most Used Book Stores.

Prices vary – some libraries ask for donation while others set the price, but no matter how they price it the bargains are real. One of the local libraries offers a ‘buck a bag’ day. You supply the bags and you can fill as many as you want for one dollar a bag.

Years ago, I set up a bookshelf for the grandkids and filled it with books, videos, craft materials and games left over from our boys.  Then one of our grandsons, who was only two years old at the time, started this really cute tradition. Usually towards the end of the visit he would be tired out and quite content to choose one of the books to either look at it  by himself or to let me read it to him. When it was time to go home, he would ask if he could take the book with him – naturally, the answer was yes.

Since then, more grandchildren have arrived and more books continue to leave the bookshelf to go home with them. Of course, having books leave the house on a regular basis means the bookshelf keeps getting emptier all the time and that’s where the book sales come in. What a perfect opportunity to restock.

Libraries are a vital part of a community – showing our support by attending the book sales is a small thing we can do and a win-win situation for all. The library gets dollars for programs and we get great deals – how can you not like that? Why not find out if your library will be holding a book sale (if not, maybe you could suggest they do). Not only will you be able to find books and bookstore products, it’s also a great place to donate those good books, videos, CD’s, games and craft items you no longer use.

Show your support – not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to a Library – I’m so glad we do.

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  1. It’s so important to support local libraries. It is where I tell my home organizing clients to donate their books.

    • Sabrina, that is so good to know. I know I can’t say enough about libraries – they add so much to a community that supporting them is so important.

  2. I don’t read print books much anymore, but some great deals can be found at library sales as you point out.

    • Jeri, I tried reading books on Kindle but just can’t get used to it. I still find nothing compares to curling up with a good print book.

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