Remembrance Day: Sacrifices Never Forgotten

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Poppy

In honour of Remembrance Day I’m sharing a poem by local poet, Floyd Zurbrigg. Although the poem is called “In Canadian Fields” it applies equally to all countries whose men and women sacrificed all for our freedom.

Floyd wrote this description: “My poem ‘In Canadian Fields’ developed from my admiration for Col. John McRae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” and my long held belief that there was another poem needed. This one would relay the heartaches and hardships endured by those left at home. Without their hard work and sacrifice, we would not enjoy our many freedoms today.”



“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow”

When I hear that famous poem I know

That our soldiers went to a far off shore

And gave their lives in an awful war

I’m aware of the hardships they endured

So our peace would be assured

But the poem that I cannot find

Tells the stories of those left behind

Of wives and sweethearts, kissed at the train

That never saw their men again

Of parents, brothers and sisters too

Who worried, because they never knew

If their soldier was alive or dead

Many tearful, heartfelt prayers were said

To the ones at home, we owe a debt

They suffered too, Lets not forget

While in Flanders Fields the poppies blew

The folks at home were heroes too


 “In Canadian Fields” is copied with permission from ‘Seasons of the Elm’, a Book of Poems by Floyd Zurbrigg.

On this Remembrance Day let us remember not only those who fought but also the brave ones left behind.

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  1. I totally agree that this poem was needed in addition to the original. What a beautiful reminder that the sacrifice is felt by more than just the person who goes to war.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Lenie. We can never thank enough the warriors who defend our countries and our freedom. So many didn’t come back. We must never forget them.

  3. Nice poem that can be applied to any conflict. Even the current ones in for instance Syria. And, not to forget, Western soldiers who never returned from Iraq.

  4. Beautiful poem. You have touched on the raw emotions felt when the men were separated from their families. They really were fighters.

  5. Such a great poem 🙂 My grandfather was a POW in WWII and was on the German Death March. I transcribed the diary he kept once for a literature research methods class, and I really should submit it to a publication like VFW magazine.

    • Jeri, if you ever decide to publish your grandfathers diary I want a copy. It is unbelievable what people endured (and many didn’t) and having first hand report is historical – definitely something to be shared. I’m sure the VFW magazine would love to have it. Wow.

  6. Wonderful to see you again Lenie! It will be my pleasure to share this lovely poem. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched in some way by various wars and military actions. My father served in WWII, my ex-husband and many friends in Vietnam, Pakistan and other areas in the middle east. I still vividly recall my first visit to the Vietnam Veterans Wall in DC – overwhelming. Thank you for the lovely tribute.

    • Marquita, this morning I watched the National Remembrance Day Ceremony and each year again, I find it extremely moving. I can just imagine how you felt visiting the Vietnam Veterans Wall in person. When our boys where in Scouts we of course had to attend local ceremonies and they always seemed to be sort of spiritual. I am so glad we continue to honour our Veterans.

  7. Thanks for sharing this swift poem on account of Remeberence day!
    Like to know someting new each time 🙂

    • Hello Sushmita – thank you for your kind comment. I agree, it’s wonderful to keep learning.

  8. Beautiful poem. On this Veteran’s Day in the US (11/11/2016), it’s important to honor those who sacrificed themselves and their families to serve our country. Thank you for sharing it. I will be sharing it on social media now.

    • Sabrina, I agree that we must continue to honour those who served both abroad and at home. I know in both our countries there will be National events taking place and I sincerely hope those will continue for many years to come. Thanks for sharing, always appreciated.

  9. Thanks for sharing that poem with us, Lenie. Just last night I watched the CBC special documentary on the sacrifices made by the Newfoundland contingent during the Great War. It really made me realize how war impacts every aspect of a family’s life–forever.

    • Doreen, after church on Sundays, I go for coffee with some of the church ladies. One of them is the widow of the poet and she graciously gave me permission to copy the poem. Another of the ladies is English and grew up during the Blitz and she has been telling us about the bombing and having to go into the backyard bombshelter – they survived but it wasn’t pleasant staying there and there were definitely negative family consequences because of the war. So I felt this poem added another dimension to the more common one.

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