Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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I was thrilled to be nominated by Patricia Weber  for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

If you accept this nomination, you need to follow the rules attached to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Seven things about myself:

1. Born in Holland in 1945. We emigrated to Canada in 1953 and settled in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada where there was already a large dutch community.

2. I was one of eleven children, five older and five younger than me, five brothers and five sisters. My oldest sibling, a sister, is ten years older and my youngest sibling, also a sister, is ten years younger. That put me right smack dab in the middle, every which way.

3. My husband and I have just celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary. Besides raising our boys we were also special needs foster parents for twenty years.

4. We live in a 105 year old farmhouse, situated on 10 beautiful acres in the middle of a conservation area.

5. I retired from my position as Executive-Director of a branch of St. John Ambulance, a charitable organization. During my time with St. John, I also assumed the position of Chair of the local Safe Communities Small Business Initiative, a community volunteer organization committed to helping small businesses improve their workplace health and safety programs.

6. I took a medicinal herb course in the early eighties. I now enjoy growing and using herbs just for fun, teas and other culinary purposes.

7. In the winter I hibernate and love nothing better than spending time at home in front of the fire, with a coffee, tea or glass of wine, enjoying a good book, listening to good music, or blogging.

The first five bloggers have been particularly helpful and supportive of me so even though they appeared on and were nominated by Patricia Weber, I would also like to nominate them.

In alphabetical order:

1. Catarina Alexon – Catarina is an International business woman, consultant and writer who blogs about business practices and trends. Catarina has pointed me in the right direction on different occasions for which I am grateful.

2. Jacqueline Gum – Jacquie’s use of humour when writing about social issues really gets the point across.  Jacquie has been of great help and encouragement to me.

3. Jeanette Paladino – Jeanette blogs about how companies are using social media to enhance their brands and build relationships with customers and employees.

4.Patricia Weber – Patricia covers a range of topics, from business networking, entrepreneurship, to personal energy. She inspires introverts to live life to the fullest.

5. Susan Cooper –  Susan blogs about food, wine and life. I was fortunate enough to be a contributing author to her blog and through that she taught me a lot.

The next bloggers I would like to nominate are ones who have supported or encouraged me in many ways. There are also some who I’ve nominated simply because I enjoy their posts so much.

1. Andleeb Akhlag Tahir – Andleeb’s blog is called The Voice of Sudnoti. Through it she gives readers a glimpse into the Muslim culture, religion and way of life.

2. Beth Niebuhr – Beth uses her blog to provide entrepreneurial advise based on her many years as a successful entrepreneur.

3. Christine Larsen –   Christine shares memories of a life lived mostly in the last century, much of it in rural Australia. She is the author of two ebooks for children – Small Folk Tales.

4. Debra Yearwood  – In her blog Debra explores her experiences and observations from the senior management table, Parliament Hill and her time as a lobbyist working with organizations from a wide range of sectors.

5. Donna Janke – A fellow Canadian, Donna blogs about travel, her snowbird experiences, writing, and life in general. She always shares an encouraging word.

6. Lorraine Reguly –  Lorraine is an English teacher turned writer, editor and blogger. Her posts contain excellent information about some aspect of blogging, freelancing, writing or editing.

7. Marquita Herald – Marquita writes about how to cultivate resilience and take advantage of the opportunities in adversity. Her life motto is: You CAN, you SHOULD, and if you’re BRAVE enough … you WILL!

8. Meredith Wouters – Meredith writes DIY decorating and craft posts with a wicked sense of humour. It is her writing style that keeps readers going back for more.

9. Niekka McDonald – Niekka blogs about health, fitness and living the best life possible. She is constantly learning more about those topics and shares what she learns with her readers.

10.Tim OCallahan – Tim is an avid traveler, taking his time as he gets to discover new places. Fortunate for the reader of his blog, he writes about his travels with great detail, humour and gorgeous photography.

My life has been enriched by the support, fellowship and sharing of these bloggers.

I would like to thank Patricia Weber for the confidence placed in me by this nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

If you are nominated, please do accept! But if you cannot honour the requirements, then please know that by my listing you here makes you my most inspiring bloggers.



  1. Congrats on your award, Lenie! I came here from Lorraine’s blog and am happy I did as I look forward to following your posts now too! Also, I will check some of the writers you have nominated too 🙂

    • Hi Christy – I’m delighted to welcome you to my blog. Nice that you came via Lorraine. You’re going to be very pleased when checking out some of the other writers – we all belong to the same group Bloggers Helping Bloggers and those writers I nominated are amongst the most helpful. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I loved learning about you Lenie! I admire you for being special needs foster parents. I wish more people could do that.

  3. Thank you for the honour. I’m delighted to be among such great company. I’ve enjoyed getting to know through your blog and look forward to reading more.

  4. I want to be you when I grow up Lenie! Taking medicinal herb classes, hibernating all winter, and being an inspirational blogger in the meantime! 🙂

    • Angela, you say the nicest things. I truly did and still do enjoy all those things and if you don’t want to become an old woman you have to keep enjoying life.

  5. I’m so deeply honoured and grateful Lenie, but cannot accept the nomination at this moment in my life… email follows.
    It means so much – thank you most sincerely.

  6. Very much enjoyed what you’ve shared Lenie! I want you to know I delayed commenting because I needed to think about how I might be able to comply with the guidelines in order to accept your thoughtful recognition. I am SO honored that you would include me among such an inspiring list of bloggers, unfortunately I’m going to have to decline the opportunity to participate.

    • Marquita, I do understand – it is a fair time commitment. But I am glad that I nominated you as it gave me the opportunity to let you know how much I respect you and how much I enjoy your blog.

  7. Oh Lenie, you deserve it!
    You have achieved a lot in life. Well done to you!
    Happy wedding anniversary to you and your husband.
    I owe you an afternoon tea whenever you visit London, that’s my belated birthday present from me.


    • Thanks, but this post was never supposed to go anywhere. I had to publish it but I was hoping it would take second place to the Pollinator post, which is the important one. But I appreciate your comment anyway.

  8. Thank you Lenie! This means so much to me, just to know that I’ve inspired you. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and our BHB group. And when I look at that list, I’m so thankful to be in such good company!

    • Meredith, joining BHB and getting to know all the members has just been such wonderful experience. We really do inspire and support each other there, don’t we?

  9. Congratulations Lenin! You deserve the nomination.

    • Bola, thanks for the congrats – but would you check out my real post – Bring Back the Pollinators – that’s the important one. Thanks.

  10. Lenie, I’m honoured that you thought of me! Thank you! It’s flattering.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to accept this on Wording Well, but I might accept this on Laying It Out There, my author site. Is that okay?

    • Lorraine, I would love it if you would accept it on your author site. Too bad I didn’t check with you first. Anyway, I’ve appreciated our little email chats.

      • Cool. I’ll accept it, then, on Laying It Out There! 😀

        • I’m glad – you deserve it.

  11. How very sweet of you to nominate me Lenie. I so love the fact that you live in an old 105-year-old farmhouse. Houses/Homes like that have a personality all their own and love to be loved. Not to mention you have lots of room to roam. I think we have both enjoyed getting to know and learning from each other. 🙂

    • Susan, isn’t is funny how different people view things. I love our house, always say it’s filled with friendly ghosts. One of my sons on the other hand, lives in a newer house in a fairly new subdivision and can’t see the value in our house. I have so much enjoyed getting to know you.

  12. Hi lenie; so glad to see you being recognized for your amazing work. your posts are always full of information presented in a clear well organized manner and with an obvious view towards what real people can use and can’t use in their real daily lives. congrats on the award my friend, max

    • Hi Max – thanks. Just knowing that my fellow bloggers think I’m worth nominating means the world to me. I don’t even need to win. That was enough.

  13. Whoa – 11 children. God bless your parents! Thanks for helping me get to know you better.

    Your blog offers solid content which is something that people are looking for online. Your posts are always well thought out, easy to understand and for me – I always find a helpful tip.

    It was my pleasure to nominate you Lenie and thanks – hahahaha – for the renomination (not sure that is the right word).

    • Pat, I think that is one of the neat features of this award – that we have to list a few things about ourselves. That way we do get to know the other bloggers betters.


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