WD-40: Product with a Fan Club

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WD 40 WD-40 is another great multi-use product that started out as a rust preventative solvent and de-greaser for the aerospace program. Through the ingenuity of its users, it now lists more than 2,000 uses. It even has its own Fan Club.

According to the Duct Tape guys “You only need two tools in life, Duct Tape and WD-40.  If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, Duct Tape it.  If it’s stuck and it’s not supposed to be, WD-40 it.”

Here you will find only 50 of what I considered the most practical uses. Remember, these uses have been sent in by users of the product. Though I can testify to some of the uses myself – stopping squeaks, loosening wheels, lubricating things, removing gunk when replacing faucets – obviously I haven’t tried them all so can’t testify to their effectiveness.

25 WD-40 Uses for the Home:

  1. Removes tea stains from counter-tops
  2. Removes gunk when replacing faucets
  3. Cleans mildew from refrigerator gasket
  4. Lubricates spray arm in dishwasher
  5. Spray down drain throat to remove scum
  6. Keeps garbage disposal from rusting
  7. Removes coffee stains from floor tiles
  8. Cleans and protects underside of cast iron skillets
  9. Removes rust from cookie tins
  10. Cleans silver serving trays
  11. Lubricates folding parts of ironing board
  12. Removes starch residue from sole plate on iron
  13. Cleans metal bed frame
  14. Helps remove caked on dirt and grime from furniture rails
  15. Lubricates springs on garbage can foot pedal
  16. Spray on trash can lids to keep messes from sticking
  17. Removes calcium deposits from dehumidifier
  18. Lubricates heat register vent levers
  19. Unsticks painted radiator valves
  20. Lubricates and protects air conditioner blades
  21. Stops squeaks everywhere
  22. Spray on glass objects that are stuck together without breaking
  23. Cleans remote control
  24. Makes deadbolt locks work better
  25. Prevents kitty-doo from sticking to electric cat box rakes.

25 WD-40 Uses for the Yard:

  1. Loosens rusted wheels on lawnmowers
  2. Frees locking nut on lawnmower blades
  3. Spray on lawnmower pull cord when stuck
  4. Lubricates external pivots on lawnmowers
  5. Protects outside of cast iron brake drum on riding lawnmowers
  6. Lubricates zippers on lawnmower grass catcher bags
  7. Drives out moisture on electrical contacts on weed-eater
  8. Keeps line from binding on string trimmer spools
  9. Spray on rototiller blades to prevent rust during off season
  10. Protects exposed metal parts of snow blower
  11. Cleans and protects pruning shears
  12. Protects hand trowels from corrosion
  13. Prevent rakes from rusting
  14. Helps keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering
  15. Cleans and protects bed of wheelbarrow
  16. Keeps snow from sticking to snow shovels
  17. Penetrates frozen mailbox doors
  18. Prevents corrosion of outdoor light fixtures
  19.  Prevents rust on metal patio chairs
  20. Lubricates runners on porch glider
  21. Helps remove road salt from car locks
  22. Lubricates hydraulic rams on slideout of 5th wheel
  23. Removes tar from automobile tires, bumpers and chrome
  24. Spray top of bird feeder to make squirrels slide off
  25. Cleans doggie-doo from tennis shoes

Some other interesting facts about WD-40:

  • Lady Liberty owes her continued good looks to WD-40
  • A bus driver in Asia used WD-40 to remove a python, which had coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus
  • Police officers used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent

It was fun going through the many WD-40 uses to find the ones that I felt would be most practical and helpful. But check out the WD-40 site yourself – it’s a fun read.

Anyone wanting to check out all 2,000 can click on the link  http://wd40.com/uses-tips


Talk to you again next week,


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with WD-40 in any way and will receive no compensation of any kind for this article.


  1. For our home, WD-40 is only used … to remove rust and open blocked or jammed screws etc.

    Your post left me wondering about all these, I would say miracles one small bottle can do.
    I was also surprised with the fact that WD-40 also has the website.

    Thank you for such a great information as always.

  2. I use this for my bike lubrication.

  3. Can’t imagine being without this versatile product.

    • Hi Bola, I’m grabbing my can today to get my garden tools ready. We are still in a foot of snow and -19C degrees so we need to do something to remind us of better Spring days ahead.

  4. Wow Lenie!
    This is a super product, I see. With the list you have provided here it makes sense to use WD-40 for everyday use.

  5. Well, I must confess that I am not at all knowledgeable about WD-40 (or wasn’t knowledgeable, prior to reading this post): thanks for giving us the skinny on the wild and wonderful world thereof. I myself go running for a bottle of Windex when I need to clean something. In my humble opinion, the person who invented glass cleaner should have been awarded a Nobel Prize.

    • Andy, I know exactly what you mean about Windex. That one was actually on my list of multi-task products. It is quite impressive, actually, what these products can use. As for me, I love finding out what all the uses are. (I don’t think there is a Nobel Price category for household cleaners).

  6. This was so much fun to read that I forwarded it to my husband. He’d better hide the can or I’ll be trying some of these tips!

    • Hi Rose, here’s a solution – get your own can and keep it handy. You might be surprised how often you end up using it. LOL

  7. I didn’t know you could do all that with wd-40.

  8. Lenie your post is serendipitous! I have a mini trampoline sitting in my yard, and the springs were shot. Yesterday I dragged it inside and doused it with WD-40, worked like a charm. I went to Amazon and ordered three more cans! I’m printing out this list and just might order another can of WD-40.

    • Oh Pamela, that is so neat. Maybe I should send your use in to WD-40. They can add it to their list. It does do a great job on so many things, doesn’t it?

  9. Wow Genius Lenie, What a great list! I didn’t realize you can use WD-40 for those tasks as well. I will definitely share. Thanks for this x

    • Hi ChinWe – my list is only the beginning of everything WD-40 can do. I don’t know what’s in it but whatever it is sure works. Thanks for the share.

  10. I knew that WD-40 was a great product — my parents have used it for years — but I didn’t realize there were so many uses for it!

    Thanks for sharing this massive list, Lenie!

    • Well, Lorraine, what’s a house without WD-40. If you read Jeannette’s comment you know that everyone everywhere seems to have a can of it. Living up North like you do you may want to try the spraying car door locks to keep them from freezing. That’s is one on my must-do list for sure.

  11. Lenie — I once read a statistic (I don’t remember where) that WD40 is found in 99% of American households. I can believe it. I had no idea of its origins. Thanks for the list.

    • Actually Jeannette, the way it became a consumer product is interesting. After it was developed, as an industrial product, management started noticing serious ‘inventory shrinkage’ otherwise known as employee theft. Rather than come down on the employees, they decided to find out what the appeal was and from there it became this highly popular consumer product. I love finding stuff like that out.

  12. Thx for posting this, Lenie! My husband loves WD 40, and now I see why!

    • Hi Doreen, I don’t think there’s a man alive who doesn’t love WD-40 and now that we women are gaining equality (LOL) we are finding as many uses for it as men. Thanks for the visit

  13. Lenie, the only thing I love more than WD-40’s myriad of uses is their website.

    • Hi Kire – you must be one of the fans. I really enjoyed checking out their website and some of the uses are downright bizarre but what fun. Even the history of WD-40 is good to read. I can’t think of another product that comes even close to it’s many uses and popularity.

  14. WD 40 and duct tape are staples at my house! Every late summer/early fall I start spraying the locks with WD 40, both the house and the car. I try to give them 2 or 3 good sprays before the cold weather hits and I have never had a problem with my locks freezing up! No squeaks at my house either because of it. I am never without a can of it in the house. Duct tape? Well what can you say about duct tape! It is amazing at so many different things, even doing crafts or to re-purpose items. I have a shoe rack that I bought for $8 on clear out because it had a small crack in the frame, and with duct tape and some clear vinyl it is now a set of shelves! All I needed besides the duct tape and a dollar store roll of vinyl was a pair of scissors to make it! Now it holds books, CD’s, DVD’s and even some old VCR tapes that I have. The duct tape has even made the “shelves” stronger than they were originally. I even used duct tape to fix the small crack. Wouldn’t be without both WD 40 or duct tape. Maybe I’m related to Red Green! Ha ha!

    • Hi Nancy, I’m going to have to start spraying my locks before winter comes. Wonder if it works on brakes too. The first hard freeze this winter our brakes froze up for some reason – just the one time but what a nuisance. When we get changed over to snow tires in the Fall it might be a good idea to give them a good spray. Love the creative way you use duct tape.

  15. I never gave much importance to the WD40 can we have always had in the cupboard under the sink!! Now I am going to try and use it!!

    • Well Mina, there are certainly enough ways to use it and if my list isn’t long enough you can always check their website for more ideas.

  16. What a great post. I am telling you there is nothing, nothing better than WD-40. I have had nuts that seemed to be welded onto the bolt, a night soaking in that product and they come right off.

    • WD-40 is pretty amazing stuff and looking over the comments it seems as if everyone has had success with it for something. Considering it’s many uses, it really is one of the most economical products to buy.

  17. I had no idea there were so many uses for WD40. I’ll have to buy some now!

  18. Hi Lenie

    Talk about one product doing so many cool stuff. The Wd 40 is just amazing. Thanks for sharing this information.

  19. We love WD-40! My husband has always stood by the duct tape/WD-40 theory and it holds up in most cases. I’m going to try using it to get rust stains off my baking pans…hadn’t thought of that one.

    • Hi Meredith – I’ll bet it works great for that – haven’t used it myself for that purpose but I do have an old (like 45 years old) cast iron frying pan and I used WD-40 on the bottom to remove some of the gunk – it didn’t take all of it off but did remove some. I guess there’s just to many years accumulation on it so I will try a few more times. Interesting stuff, isn’t?

  20. What a great list Lenie! I live near the ocean on an island and pretty much every wall in my house has windows – BIG windows – with louvers. The only problem is with the humidity and salt air the windows get stuck fast and hard. WD-40 to the rescue! Works like a champ and doesn’t stink the house up. I love this stuff and you’ve given me even more ways to use it. 🙂

    • Hi Marquita – I can just picture your house with all those windows. I’ll bet you get some amazing views. Anytime we see pictures of Hawaii we’re jealous because of the fantastic gardens. Anyway, back to WD-40, nice to hear of another use for it and also good to know you found a few more uses.

  21. What a totally awesome and fun list Lenie! I had no idea it was such a cleaner. Going to try that.

  22. A wealth of handy hints in that list Lenie. It will come especially useful the next time, and this happens to me a lot, when a pesky python wraps itself around the under-carriage of my bus 🙂

    • Tim, now you know you have another thing to pack for the next time you travel by tuk-tuk – WD-40 to keep the pythons away. Don’t you hate when that happens?

  23. Well, I usually call roadside assistance when I have car troubles, but I’m not sure what their policy is for a python wrapped around your bus! Thank you for the great list Lenie! My husband isn’t usually good at fixing things, but whenever there is a squeak, he runs to the WD40 and it always works! Who knew it had so many other uses?

    • I would love to be there if you ever have the need to call roadside assistance to remove a python – at least now you’ll be able to tell them to grab the WD-40 on the way over. I went into the website and sorted through rows of ways to use this product – rather interesting, to say the least.

  24. I use WD40 all the time, mostly for squeaky door hinges and garden tools that a bit stiff. I never knew all this about this product. I love that it has so many uses. I’ll have use it for some of them the next time I’m in need and I remember… LOL.

    • Hi Susan – just do what the duct tape guys say – If it’s loose and shouldn’t be, duct tape it and if it’s stuck and shouldn’t be, WD-40 it. I love that quote.

  25. What a versatile product, Lenie. Pity we don’t have it in my part of the world.

    • It is a very versatile product and I’ll bet that 80% of the people in Canada and the US have it in their homes.

  26. Lenie does it again! What a wonderful blog post–helpful, enlightening, entertaining. 🙂 “If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, Duct Tape it. If it’s stuck and it’s not supposed to be, WD-40 it.” Love it!

    • Hi Ramona, I really enjoyed that quote although I’m not to sure about duct-taping everything – might look a little tacky right? Thanks for the nice comment. Appreciate that.

  27. I knew about some of these uses, but not all! WD40 has been a staple in our home for years. Sharing this with my husband, he is the handyman! Thanks for enlightening us!

    • Hi Laurie, with Spring coming on (soon I hope) I know that I will be using it for garden equipment and outdoor furniture. Some of the uses are definitely new to me too. Hope your husband finds this useful.

  28. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a can of WD-40!! But Lenie, this made me laugh out loud! I had no idea there were this many uses…or that it could thwart burglars!!!

    • Oh Jacquie, I knew you would appreciate the burglar story. When I read that it cracked me up – I wondered which end they pulled out first. Either way, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

  29. Ohh Lenie, what an amazing list. So many SIMPLE solutions, thank you.
    But I don’t know which mind picture I’m laughing louder at – the python or the naked burglar. The mind boggles at either tangling!

    • Hi Christine, I just had to add those two uses – they sure made me laugh and actually, you started me giggling again. It truly is a multi-purpose product, right?

  30. I had no idea there were so many uses for WD-40. I’m sure I’ll be able to use a couple of these tips.

    • Hi Donna, I know that I use WD-40 a lot but I never knew there were that many uses for it myself until I started looking. Someone I know has stopped feeding her birds because of the squirrels so I suggested she spray the top of the feeder with WD-40 to see if they’ll slide off. It will be interesting to hear how she made out.

  31. Wow! I had no idea. I have a can of WD40 around but I have only been using it for the most obvious lubricating needs. Good information.

    • Some of the uses are ones you really don’t think about yet once you know, they do make sense. I have some stains on my vanity counter in the bathroom and I’m going to see if WD-40 will remove them. Isn’t learning fun?

  32. I knew about one of them: Stops squeaks everywhere. Yep, that’s it. I never ever thought about all the other things it can do. I sent a link to my husband too since he generally does things like preventive maintenance. I’m more of a fix-it-when-it-breaks type.

    I love these lists!

    • Hi Beth, I’m glad you enjoy these lists.You’re not alone, I’ve been hearing that from others so I have a few more to share in the future. They are fun to research and some of the uses really are bizarre. Thanks for sending the link to your husband – I’m sure he can make use of some of the suggestions.

  33. Lenie, I double checked your list – they may need to rename it WD50! Actually I switched over to a generic lubricant spray. I discovered I used less and it doesn’t attract dust as I have found WD 40 to do. Watch out Lady Liberty!

    • Patricia – another illusion shattered, but … does your generic spray have a fan club LOL?

  34. Finally, someone tackled this, how WD-40 is useful to many varied ways. Yes, Lady Liberty needs more of this. I remember seeing her for the first time and I immediately blurted “I want to scrub her.”

    • Hi Mahal, I love your “I want to scrub her”. I guess standing out there in all kinds of weather she’s bound to have her off-days, right? Good thing WD-40 helped.

  35. What a great list! I didn’t realize you can use WD-40 for those tasks as well. I defiantly will share this ones. Thanks for sharing the lists. 🙂

    • Hi Sabrina, I have a lot of fun looking for this kind of product. Did you read at the bottom about the naked burglar LOL – Interesting use of WD-40.

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