Welcome to Frugal for Everyone.

I started this blog just for fun as a way to share what I know about frugal living, and since I’ve done that all my life I know rather a lot.

Frugal for Everyone is meant to show that frugal living is all about getting the most value for monies spent; for having the most interesting life with the resources available. It definitely does not mean doing without and always scrimping, where is the fun in that?

In my posts I’ll share smart shopping tips, caution about money-drains and tricky store practices, show how to get the best deals simply by buying at the right time, and more. I love herbs, so of course there will be posts about how to grow them along with fun and practical ways to use them. I’ll include some easy DIY projects, some  favourite family recipes and other recipes sent in by readers. Occasionally I’ll digress and throw in a topic that is of special interest to me at the time. In other words, I’ll be sharing those things that makes frugal living interesting – not spending more, but rather doing more for less.

I added the little bird house to the header because I felt it portrayed frugal living at its best – Harmonious and Peaceful – everything needed, but no fuss, no clutter, and family-oriented.

My name is Lenie and I would love to have you join my blog, not just to read it, but also to contribute, to share your ideas and your know-how, making this site a friendly ‘chatting over the fence’ community.

Let’s do it!

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 Birdhouse image courtesy of antpkr/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net



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