About Me.

I am a retired senior livinlenie for blog oneg in Ontario, Canada. I’ve had years of frugal living experience gained naturally as the wife of a farmer, a mother of seven boys and executive-director of a non-profit, charitable organization. Farmers never have a surplus of money, seven boys, especially during the teenage years, are costly and non-profits are generally short of funds. Therefore I had little choice but to adopt frugal practices at home and at work.

Much of my research and writing experience was gained on the job. I was responsible for researching funding opportunities and writing the funding requests. I designed and wrote marketing brochures, promotional materials, special training programs, press releases and award nominations for volunteers and community members.

Now that I’m retired, other than writing my blog, I spend my time sewing, reading, learning, gardening and playing around with herbs.

I don’t really have the patience to watch a lot of TV, but would rather listen to music, including old time favourites from the late 50’s, early 60’s and light classical.

I enjoy reading anything by Maeve Binchy, Rosamund and Robin Pilcher and John Grisham.

I believe life should be lived to the fullest, starting each morning by giving thanks for the new day.